Stone Vibrations

Good Vibes!
Gemstones from the earth are more than just beautiful to look at. Each stone has a vibration. And each stone has a unique vibration that can be very beneficial to the individual wearing it. They have been used for thousands of years as tools to aid in healing and energy work. Today crystals are used in many of our watches, electronic and communication devices because of their perfect vibration. The following is a guide and does not make any clams.

Agate - stability, balance and strength, clears and calms the body and mind
Agate-blue lace - a calming stone, helps relieve stress
Moss Agate - mental and emotional balance, alleviates depression
Amethyst - helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion heightens creativity, meditation, spirituality and spiritual awareness, grounding, courage, intuition, and self esteem
Amazonite -  increases creativity which brings prosperity, calms nerves
Aquamarine - helps with psychic power and self expression, helps against stress, fears and phobias
Aventurine - increases creativity and the flow of prosperity and well being, helps against stress
Bronzite - protective stone, repels negativity that is sent your way, nerve health
Carnelian - boost self confidence and courage, personal power, to take action helps with lower back and reproductive organs
Citrine - prosperity and inner security and strength, vision, balance, confidants and breaking addictions
Crystal quartz - powerful transmitter amplifies thoughts, helps with meditation, clarity, balance and emotional stability, wisdom, clairvoyance and spirituality
Dumorlerite - helps to prioritize and organize, stimulates both business spiritual ideas. Promotes accomplishments, positive attitude and helps us cope with panic and fear
Garnet - helps with energy, circulation, courage, creativity, faith, truth
Hematite - a protective stone, helps with self confidence, blood disorders, stability removes self imposed limitations
Iolite - expands physic ability and evolution of spiritual growth, balances the masculine  and the feminine
Jade - helps with concentration, strengthens the immune system, kidneys, protects from injury and accidents
Lapis Lazuli - helps with calming the mind, meditation, wisdom and mental ability concentration memory and sight inner source power contemplation and meditation
Moonstone - helps with intuition. calms and balancing emotion helps against anxiety and stress
Onyx - grounding, balancing with emotions and passion, deflect negativity
Opal - helps with the flow and movement of energy, intuition, emotional, masculine and feminine balancing
Pearl - symbolizes purity and can advance ones wisdom and aid in channeling, enhances personal integrity, provides focus and aids in digestive disorders
Peridot - enhances clarity and mental thought, clairvoyance, positive out look, patience, calming balancing
Rose Quarts - helps with self love, giving and receiving unconditional love, helps against sorrow, fears and heart break
Ruby - helps with making decisions, blood circulation and the heart
Sapphire - truth and sincerity, communication with spirit guides and clairvoyance
Smoky Quarts - helps with fertility, security, creativity, confidence, balancing emotions, removes blocks from the subconscious
Sodalite - helps to view things objectively, calms conflicts between the conscious and the unconscious creative expression, lifts fear and guilt
Tiger’s eye - helps with detoxification 
Topaz - an attracting stone, increases mental strength, emotional balance, letting go of past events
Tourmaline - calms nerves and balances energy levels in the mind, body and relationships, promotes well being and good health
Turquoise - helps with circulation, tissue regeneration, sleep, meditation, psychic abilities, self- knowledge and relationships, protects against harm