The Artist
Valerie Csopak
Growing up in a house where her mother made all the clothes, curtains and was an accomplished ceramic artist and a father who was a creative carpenter with a shop full of tools, Valerie Csopak was exposed to the wonderful, creative world of craft.

At a young age she loved fashion and all that adorns the body. She started making costume jewellery at the age of thirteen and was wholesaling her pieces by the age of sixteen. After graduating from Wexford Collegiate School For The Arts she enrolled at George Brown College in their three year jewellery arts program in Toronto and became a gold/silversmith. 

While continuing to develop her own style Valerie has also held positions with both fine and fashion jewellery manufacturers. She has been commissioned to design one of a kind pieces as well as production lines for such labels as Jones New York, Peter Nygard, The Hudson’s Bay Company and other large department and specialty chain stores across Canada and the U.S.

Her unique style is best described as forward thinking design mixed with traditional craftsmanship. Her work has won numerous awards and has a loyal following.   

Artist Statement
My jewellery is the result of forward thinking design mixed with high quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. My goal is to create pieces with style and quality that will last for years to come.

I believe wearing jewellery is a form of self expression. By adorning the body we are showing and sharing a piece of ourselves. From the materials I choose, the shapes I sculpt, the textures I apply and in every detail of each piece I create, I express my thoughts, feelings and moods. 

I hope my unique handmade jewellery evokes feelings in the wearer and observer of my work. Joy, playfulness and feelings of beauty, what ever it may be, my jewellery is as unique as the individual who wears it.